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Spring blooms frame the Talley Student Center on a warm spring afternoon.

Welcome Message

From Marc I. Hoit, NC State Chief Information Officer

Looking back over the past fiscal year makes me excited for what’s to come this year.

It’s been an extraordinary year of collaboration and adaptation. And this fiscal year’s annual report, “Elevating the Pack With IT,” captures our shared efforts to keep the campus community — here and abroad — connected safely with current technologies.

It also reflects the huge internal efforts of the OIT team to accomplish its annual goals; from improving our cybersecurity posture to continual software updates, hardware transitions and major system upgrades, the team has been achieving great results this past year.

Powering the Mission
A significant accomplishment that we all can be proud of and that lays a firm foundation for our future endeavors is the recent release of Digital Enablement: Powering the NC State Mission, a strategic blueprint that promises to deliver world-class services and capabilities to all members of the Pack; strengthen culture and innovation; ensure the security of digital assets; leverage data, and grow IT resources to support digital transformation.

It is through this shared visionary strategic plan and our partnerships and collaborative efforts that we will continue to elevate the mission and goals outlined in the university’s strategic plan, Wolfpack 2030: Powering the Extraordinary.

Strengthening the Pack 
Change is amidst and this fiscal year has been another dramatic year of changes as the campus shifted even more from remote to pre-2019 activities. I have noticed an increase in events, conferences, in-person meetings, and other activities, which have brought more people together and in turn, strengthened communications and connectedness.

Still, I want to remind everyone that these past few years have been harder on some members of our community than others, so please be supportive and understanding as everyone regains their balance. When we lift up one member of the pack, we strengthen the whole Wolfpack community. 

A Word of Thanks
Please read through this year’s annual report to learn about major IT projects, initiatives, and individuals, like you, who empower IT on campus and position the university for a stronger tomorrow. Thank you for all that you do!